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Lovelock Paiute Tribe
Administrative Departments
Department of Human Services/ICWA
Welcome to our department web page I am Fran Machado, the Director of Human Services at the Lovelock Paiute Tribal Administration Building. Debbie George is the ICWA case worker in the department. The Lovelock Paiute Social Services is contracted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to provide certain services to enrolled members of federally recognized tribes living on or near the Lovelock Paiute Colony. Please read through this page to get to know us and the services we provide.
To promote, develop, and protect the practice of social work and social workers serving the Native community, and to seek to enhance the effective functioning and well-being of individuals, families, and the Native community through its work and through its advocacy.
Child Protection Services
• Intake for child abuse/neglect reports
• Investigating child abuse/neglect reports
• Create case plans with families
• Referrals for individual and family services
• Managing care for children under the legal guardianship of the Tribe.
Foster Home Licensing
• Licensing foster homes on the Lovelock Paiute Colony
• Foster home classes for potential caregivers
• Advocating the need for foster homes on the colony.
• Applications to adopt
• Seeking out adoptive parents
• Referrals for the adoption process
Adult Protection Services
• Intake for adult abuse/neglect reports
• Investigating reports of adult abuse/neglect
• Referrals for services for adults
• Managing care for elders and adults with disabilities under the legal guardianship of the Tribe

Phone 273-5081
General Assistance
• Temporary financial assistance
• Job seeking assistance
Fran Machado:
• Information on available services and programs
Fax 273-5151
Phone 273-7861
Debbie George:
Fax 273-5151
ICWA Worker