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Lovelock Paiute Tribe
Johnson O'Malley Program:
The Johnson O'Malley Program is designed to give supportive assistance to our students that live on or near the Lovelock Paiute Colony. Our Program includes Native students from Head Start to High School. There are three schools in Pershing County that our Native students attend, and there is one Head Start center located on the Colony. All students need to be enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe.

"The mission of the Johnson O'Malley program is to address the unique cultural needs of American Indian students attending the Minneapolis Public Schools through a supplemental program of services planned, developed and approved by the Local Indian Education Committee".

The following supplemental programs and education objectives were planned, developed, and approved by the Indian Education Committee. The Indian Education Committee oversees the implementation and evaluation of the supplemental programs.

- School supplies
- Student body and book fees
- Assistance with sports footwear
- Student academic incentives
- Educational Advocate
- Tutor (When funding allows)
- Educational awareness and prevention
- Student recognition functions
- Cultural field trips and classes (When funding allows)
- Elders in the class room

Phone 775- 273-1204
Debbie George
Fax 775-273-5151