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Lovelock Paiute Tribe
Administrative Departments
Indian Health Services
Contact Information:
The I.H.S department serves American Indians and Alaskan Natives who are enrolled decedents of a federally recognized tribe. The Community Health Representative and the In Home Health Aide transports patients to and from medical, dental, and mental health appointments and provides care to the elderly by assisting with their specific needs. The elderly receive home visits, transportation for shopping and regularly scheduled blood pressure checks.
Community Health
Representative :
In Home Health Aide:
Mental Health Counseling:
- Individual
- Family
- Substance Abuse
- Anger Management
- Domestic Violence
- Parenting classes

To make an appointment contact Fran Machado at 775-273-5081

Youth Coordinator:
Phone 273-7861
Shaley Katsaris
Phone 273-7861
Jeannette Smith
Fax 273-7629
Fax 273-7629
Phone 273-7861
James George